In 2013 I lived in New York for 9 months and spent a good deal of time writing and recording in my apartment on 103rd and Lexington, East Harlem. This video is a "behind the scenes" of my DIY home recording process


I hired the Red Box Theatre in Sydney and worked with fantastic cinematographer Steve Munro in 2011 to record footage for 11 songs in solo acoustic mode. It was the perfect setting for a moody indie songwriter to get out of the studio and sing to the huge empty space. I released the audio on my live album "Live in an Empty Theatre"


Starting as a joke, I began playing ukulele to break up my set during shows. Whether it was the sound or amusing difference between my large size (I'm 6"4') and the tiny instrument, it became a popular thing for me to do. I did a small series of Ukulele covers which I released on-line, playing quirky tunes like "Paranoid Android" by Radiohead, and "Babooshka" by Kate Bush. By far the most successful has been my cover of Gotye's "Somebody that I Used to Know" which has clocked over 100,000 views. Check out my ukuklele covers here and see what you think


More live footage from an earlier show recorded at Yooniq Studios and featuring a string quintet and guest appearances from Emma Dean and Eleanor Angel. Featuring songs from my first 3 album releases, the audio for these tracks are currently unavailable, but were originally released on a DVD called "MicroSymphonix". String arrangements were by Brisbane musicians Emma Dean, Laura Driver, Paul Bonetti and myself x

Flim Clips

I've never recorded many traditional video clips which I appear in, except for "Violet the Killjoy" from my "What Strange Machines" album, directed by Jaymis Loveday, recorded in a single shot during and featuring my first ukulele smashing, and "Don't Let Go" from my "Social Architecture" EP, directed by Liz Murphy around the Valley in Brisbane. I've edited videos for many other songs using archival footage and Creative Commons videos. Mostly using a fantastic software package called "Cyberlinks Powerdirector"