From the album deepseabigcitysmallroom

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Check out this video for the song

A DIY film clip, but also a behind-the-scenes "making of" doco of the song production in our NYC apartment xx


You do it to yourself
You fuck yourself and run
Like you're a one night stand
Through the window I see you disappear again
Still running like its someone elses fault
And thats why I see you come and go

I don't know
Why the surest parts of life
Keep falling through my hands
Why nothing ever goes the way we plan
Just tell yourself that we can start again
So its easier to come and go

I don't know
why there's never just an easy way out

What I want
Because I'm always disappointed by
What I've got
Just a crazy dream of everything I'm not

I don't know
Why there's never just an easy way out

I'm driving myself crazy
And I don't understand
How you make it look so easy
And there's no one to blame but myself
For anything at all

Money's not enough
Never goes far enough anyway
And if I let you down
How it pierce my soul
So just go go go go
And don't wait for me