International music

I've been working with a great dance producer from Poland called Nitropox. I met him online via CCMixster through sharing the vocal tracks from my songs so that producers could use them, under a non-commercial creative commons license. In…

The Hot Dogs of New York

Where I grew up...


Where I am now...

We went to a "Wholefoods Picnic" in Midtown Manhattan this morning, where the Wholefoods supermarket introduces the organic farmers who supply them and local New Yorkers cue around the…

Unused art

Some cover ideas that have fallen by the way-side


NEW SONG: Hide and Seek (I'm Not There) demo

NEW SONG: Check out my demo for a new song called "Hide and Seek (I'm Not There)". Which I finished writing yesterday in Central Park and recorded at our little Harlem apartment


Sam Cutler's review

A kind review from Industry legend Mr Sam Cutler (
"...a complex and original singer with a vocal palette of exceptional range and intensity, from the purist sophisticated falsetto to the most plaintive heart-rending tones. He has a truly…