Just Because You Want it All

Look at us love, unraveling
Everything frayed like burning
Tangled and tied by a spider
And just because you want it all
On your shoulders
And just because you want it all
I won't…

Technology (Keeping Us Apart)

I'm afraid that technology
Is pushing us farther and farther apart
To float like ghosts in the modern world
So pull out the cord to my life support

And when its gone
You're standing all alone
With no where left…

Jessie (When We Were 17)

Jessie took too many pills when we were 17
But she didn't mean to kill herself in my opinion
Because in her hands the police found a gold engagement ring
The type a teenage boy can just…

What Strange Machines

Cut my eyes out
I don't want to touch you anymore
now I know the truth

Could you promise that you'd never disappear
or turn into a ghost

What strange machines
are spinning clockwork…

Freaks Freaks Freaks

There was a message scratched in the wall of the toilet the said CIRCUS FREAK
I tore it down as I left I stepped on the drunks and the corpses in the street
the bouncer tipped us a…

You're a Shooting Star

Melt the ice from around your broken heart
wipe the cold disbelief from your eyes
my fingers freeze as they touch my pallid skin
but I can see through a fault in your disguise
Tell me…

Tell Me Tell Me

Tell me tell me watchya gotta do to get a drink around here
It's... well maybe it's all right
that upon the lips of a delicate soul
fell a chorus of heartache as, oh my heart

When You Wake Up I'll Be Gone

Last night I ran through the empty streets
To the house where you live
And wrote my choice on a paper heart
Folded up in my hand

Here I go again
when you wake up…


There are holes in me in shapes I recognise
of all the people that I love
and all the things that I don't have
they're wide and deep enough to see the other side
and watch…

Vagina Removal (the Latest Fashion)

It started off as a question in her head
but the question was a cancer and it spread
to her fingers lungs and finally to her heart
said the president “you've got moments to live”


I'm An Instamatic

I'm an instamatic
I'm a camera shutter open
when you're hiding in the corner
from a tyrant what a tin man
are you searching for a reason
would a father hate his daughter

If I Ever (Crashing Down)

There's a knife in my heart and a storm in my head
where our consciences meet there our politics end
in a candle of fear that explodes like a bomb
and the aftershocks ring with a rhythm…