Earthlings: A New Project


It appears I haven't written a blog for a long time. About a week ago, I fell over and hurt my arm quite badly. Not broken but solidly strained and bruised. It's much better but it's still sensitive to turning in certain directions or picking stuff up or playing B flat on guitar really stings for some reason. While waiting impatiently for it to heal, I was thinking it was well past time that I started writing about what I'm up to again. Last year I didn't really want to talk about things, but I feel like I've got things to talk about now. Its a project with a different approach to any I've seen around. Not to say its better, but it is, at the least, a bit different.

Since 2012's "Tiny Crooked Orchestra" project, I've followed a similar pattern of regularly releasing songs once a month or more (mostly), self-produced at home in my very small home studio. The "home" that the studio has occupied as changed several times, been in different houses and countries. But still within the same bounds and with the same intent of my initial idea.

2015 will add a new variable to the pattern, an extra level of complexity just to push the boundaries a little. During the project "Earthlings", I will be aiming to continue releasing a song a month, but by the end of the year I aim for it to be a congruent body of work, something like a concept album, with musical, lyrical and atmospheric themes running throughout the project. This will, of course, require a lot more planning and pre-thought, and to that end I'll be using the song structure which I talked about a while ago (and I'm sure will talk about again), and adapting the same structure to help with the flow of the entire album. I've been working hard to draw ideas together and currently most of the songs are in place, in various states of existence, though of course may be open to change as the year progresses. The list looks like this (compared to the basic structure)
1st song, Earthlings, is of course out and about already so listen to it above. More to come soon x

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