The strange machine which is Fronz Arp grinds like an angry hurdy girdy. The self-producing artist explores the strength of a DIY approach to music with a clear and unique personal vision and bird-finger flipped at well-trodden main-stream production values. The songs he creates in his minimal home studio are an acoustic guitar-driven, indie-pop melting pot, strung together by strong melodies and Arp's trademark wildly-dynamic voice. His quirky approach to music has often seen him compared to weird-pop wonders like David Bowie, Kate Bush, Tom Waits, Queen and Hawksley Workman.

Escaping early on from an isolated upbringing on a farm in rural Australia, Fronz Arp has gone on to release 8 albums and EPs, received song writing awards, nominations and many high-profile shows and support slots. Over his latest several albums, Fronz has delved further into his DIY passions. In 2012, he released a single every 2 weeks throughout the entire year, with his project FRONZ ARP IS A TINY CROOKED ORCHESTRA. The resulting 27 songs were released as 2 album volumes of the same name. This was follow in 2013 by a move to New York City where he wrote and recorded an EP called “deepseabigcitysmallroom” from the confines of his small, one-bedroom East Harlem apartment.

Fronz Arp continues his prolific output with ongoing single releases (including his own graphic design work for release covers) which get regular release online from his website.

“...songs full of drama and action, designed to get pulses racing and yet still sounding both intricate and adventurous”, Rave Magazine

"These guys are weird, I think I'm in love", Hoss the Boss

"Fronz Arp is not afraid to be adventurous", Traxx Radio 

“...stop-start closer Love Is A Cruel Machine is a better cabaret tune than, say, anything by The Dresden Dolls" Rave Magazine 

"It’s easy to figure out where the David Bowie comparisons come from after hearing just a few notes from Fronz Arp. The poppy sound and catchy beats certainly bring to mind one of Britain’s finest" - The Indie Mine