I first constructed my own album covers for the "Angry Birds (Eat Tenacious Worms)" album cover. For my next album, "What Strange Machines" I was inspired by the collage-art styles of my names sakes, Jean Arp and Franz Kline, to design all artwork for the album cover. Following this, as part of the FRONZ ARP IS A TINY CROOKED ORCHESTRA DIY home recording project, I decided to release a cover image along with each song every 2 weeks, which has continued since then. I always use open source graphics program GIMP to create the designs, and I've started to find that the artwork occasionally gets more attention then the music. Here is all the release artwork I've created over the last few years for various projects, all using the GIMP software. My personal favourites are Rails, Bulletproof, Reckless and deepseabigcitysmallroom. See what you think x